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Saphiria-Mercury O'Hedge
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CDF Sergeant Major
Full Name: Rubina-Emilia-Anastacia-Leanna Duskstar
Nickname: Rubina, Real
Date of Birth: 30.01.XX
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Species: Quetzal
Place of Birth: Zoness
Current Residence: Katarina
Height: 5'8 ft
Weight: 145'5 lbs
- Parents: Cassandra & Helmut Duskstar
- Siblings: None
- Others: Grandparents (died because of polluted water), Eric Travor (Ex-boyfriend, closest friend nowadays)
Job/s: Barkeeper/Waitress
- Food/s: Pizza, steak
- Drink/s: Red wine, soda
- Sweet/s: None
- Sport/s: Tennis
- Color/s: Those that suit her well
- Musicgenre/s: Pop, Jazz
- Freetime Activity/ies: Shopping
Likes: Helping others, her job/family/friends
Dislikes: Arguments, war, everything that has to do with Andross
Strength/s: Sympathy, fighting skills, remembers faces/names easily
Weakness/es: Her Past
Weapon/s: Close Combat, Blaster
Alignment: Good
Theme Song: None

~Positive/Negative Behaviours:
+ Always smiling, friendly, talkactive
- Has a small obsession of helping people with their problems, hates to talk about her past

~Personality (Short description):
Rubina is often in a very good mood and loves to share the newest of the newest with nearly everybody inside of the bar she is working in. Being the cool head of all workers she mostly is the more populated one amongst the guests, and she knows how to talk to those that have private issues. Though having mostly a bright smile in her face some people love to ask her about her past, a topic that changes her mood swiftly and makes her silent or even angry for the rest of the day. Non theless she is very respected for her braveness and combat skills that saved the bar most of the time when a fight was on the go.

She's mostly sharing a calm and behaved relationship with all her friends and her family. No matter who needs help or what's going on, she never hesitates to be there for them. Rubina is such a strong personality that she isn't capable of saying 'no' to any of those that are close to her, not even the strongest argument on the whole galaxy could hold her back.

Barkeeper and waitress inside of a bar of planet Katarina and a serious yet happy personality. Rubina and her parents left Zoness when Andross polluted the once very well known high society vacation paradise, something that brought her to the idea of joining the Katarina Defense Forces without having any knowledge of how hard this job really is. She disguised herself as a boy and registered herself as "Real Duskstar", but everyone could guess that her disguise was busted as soon as she entered the base. Though being a hard worker she was kicked out of the KDF because of her low stamina and personal issues. Her anger towards Andross and herself grew bigger until she started to act like a hooligan at the age of 19. She had many trials until she finally accepted a therapy to overcome her anger and hopelessness, making it possible for her to start her life on Katarina and forgetting all her mistakes of the past.

~Skills [Assault System]:
Health: ***
Speed: ***
Jump: ***
Flight: ****
Land: ****
Foot: **

~Special feature/s: Scars on her left shoulder/eye and on her beak.

Appearance: Rubina Reference
~Arwing Information: -None-
~Designed: 2004/??/??, Redesigned: 2013/02/07
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