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Apologies for the double-post, but it didn't make any sense to me to make another 3d art thread when I already had one. Now, I'll be using my armory to showcase new ships for the faction I proudly RP, the DMC (For those of you unfamiliar with the acronym, that's Dragon'taan Marauder Corps). The first two I post: the Guardian-class Star Dreadnought and the B'tari-class Battleship.

Posted Image

x2 Super Siege Kadgeron Mass Driver Cannons (SSKMDC)
x6 Kadgeron Siege Disruptor Turrets
x2 Kadgeron Plasma Cannons w/ Integrated Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x2 Heavy Kadgeron Mass Driver Turrets
x50 Oversized Kadgeron Antimatter Missile Launchers w/ x3 Materialized Reloads
x4 Twin Kadgeron Plasma Siege Cannons w/ Integrated Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x54 Heavy Kadgeron Gauss Plasma Beam Arrays
x18 Heavy Kadgeron Disruptor Turrets


16,000 meters (Length)
8,000 meters (Width)
4,000 meters (Height)

Posted Image
x2 Kadgeron Siege Mass Driver Cannons
x3 Twin Kadgeron Plasma Siege Cannons w/ x2 Integrated Kadgeron Torpedo Launchers
x4 Twin Kadgeron Gauss Cannons
x16 Twin Kadgeron Disruptor Cannons
x24 Oversized Kadgeron Cluster Sonic Missile Pods w/ x3 Materialized Reloads
x82 Kadgeron Heavy Plasma Beam Arrays

11,000 meters (Length)
5,500 meters (Width)
3,300 meters (Height)
Star_Dragon's PIMPMYGUN armory · 3D Art