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Julius Quasar
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As much as I loved the Season 3 Finale of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, I am disappointed to hear about that spin-off. Mainly because it's got almost nothing to do with MLP: FIM, they're just attaching to that series just so the show will get more attention, ugh.

They want a spin off from MLP: FIM? I'LL give the one:

"My name is Der-py-Hooves!
And I am proud to be,
starring completely in my own spin-off ser-ies
There's old friends, and new friends, all over here and there!

Through good times, and bad times, it's magic that we share!

So now I've found a place,
where everyone will know,
my happy wall-eyed face!

This is the Derpy Show!"

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