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Julius Quasar
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We need to take our country back. Until our generation with a few exceptions it was a limited republic based on Christian principals.
We lost our way with help from our school system which has not been teaching history and has been teaching socialism. That is a conspiracy of some type. But we should not spend time on that too much. I hear it started in 1963. Our nation once only had one good idea and that was solve our own problems and let the rest of the world solve theirs. Giving aid of any kind except disaster is wrong. Especially military but ours must be the strongest or we are toast. The conspiracy is global.
Our country business wise is based on capitalism. I am not being snide really but that is where those who have money start business and those who do not work for them. The have-nots who work hard and save become haves who create more business.
Christian ethical principles keep one group from taking advantage of another. We have had robber barons and union goons both are wrong. Morton Todd is wrong big time he wants to do Obama's thing which is wrong for Obama and wrong for Todd

We have to get together and to rebuild we must first arrest all politicians in this country and confiscate their assets and return the money to our treasury. Then we must get out of the U.N. and then force the U.N. out of our nation and back to France where the madness began. We must confiscate the assets of the U.N. that these freeloading swine have stolen from our nation, and send them home with only one suitcase full of clothing. We should also sell their embassies and assets and return it to our treasury. We must close all of our embassies that are in countries not favorable to us and get our people out safely, destroy the buildings, and leave them as empty lots as they were when we first got there..plus we should have an embargo on those unfriendly nations, and ban all travels to and from them. This can be done by converting our nation to a totalitarian military state for no less than 6 months, and no more than forever, as we accomplish these tasks and give the country back to the people, where our forefathers meant for it to be that way.
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