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Name: Dora Rowland

Age: Mid teens or so

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: None of your business (she's kind of tubby)

Eye Color:Green

Alignment: Good

Gender: Female

Species: Orange Tabby Cat

Fur color: Buff-orange and white stripe/splotch pattern

Personality: Calm, pleasant, amiable, kind, sociable, very smart. She hates being teased about her weight. Dora has a much more pleasant sounding voice than that of her twin sister's....(it's like a pleasant hum or the strumming of a guitar)

Appearance: Dora is a bit tubby, but has a pretty face, and has similar fur patterning (albeit different color shades) to that of her sister's.

Attire: White tennis shoes (sneakers), black sweat/stretch pants, black hoodie with blue and pink graffiti on the sleeves and the torso, black carpal tunnel gloves, reading glasses

Home: Corneria, the suburbs of Corneria City

Family: Twin sister Sally Rowland

Weapons: Laser pistol, lock-back one handed opening folding combat knife, sawed off pump-action shotgun.

Powers: Although Dora is not as fit as her twin sister, she is very smart and a master computer hacker. Her computer hacking skills are excelled by few.

Bio: Dora and her twin sister Sally are emancipated for general purpose, recently finished with school, and they live in the house and off of the trust funds that they inherited from their parents, who died in a transport ship crash...
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