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Name: Sally Rowland

Age: Mid-teens

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 150 pounds

Eye Color: Green


Gender: Female

Species: Orange Tabby Cat

Fur color: Reddish-Orange and White Striped

Personality: Hyperactive, insecure, pushy, stubborn, smart, has abandonment issues, and a bad habit of picking her nose. Sally also has a high, squeaky, piercing voice.

Appearance: Tall, skinny, very fit.

Attire: Black combat boots, red skintight pants, grey belt, white cami tank top, black overbust corset with straps, black fingerless combat gloves

Home: Corneria, the suburbs of Corneria City

Family: Twin sister Dora Rowland

Weapons: Dual ninja-style katana swords on cross back scabbards, semi-to-full automatic laser machine pistol with strap.

Powers: Very fast (not as fast as Akasha), very strong, well trained in the art of martial arts, covert ops, and ninjitsu

Bio: Sally and her twin sister Dora are emancipated for general purpose, recently finished with school, and they live in the house and off of the trust funds that they inherited from their parents, who died in a transport ship crash...
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