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Cornerian Academy:
Top-Flights Of Future Past

We are at the very verge of war. We teeter on the very edge of of destruction.

All troops report!

Man your stations!

Prepare for the worst!

As many of you know... our greatest enemy has been revived. Our sources have failed in accumulating how this came to be...but due to a devastating battle fought in Sector X we have confirmation; Andross is alive. On another startling note...it has leaked into the news media that a New Aparoid Queen has been found. We wish for none of you to panic just yet...there has not been any hazardous reports of just yet. We still lie in wait...

These are dark times for the Lylat System. In these moments we search for heroes...guardians that will rush to our aid in times of need. Team StarFox the legendary pilot squadron may draw it's way into your mind. And whose to blame you? From leading the attack on Andross in the Lylatian War to decimating the Aparoid Invasion from the galaxy, we owe these flyers our debt. But alas- it is not time for us to rely so firmly on StarFox as we used to. The stakes have raised, and it's time that the inhabitants of Corneria and any peace loving planet in the system rise along with it. We no longer need just StarFox.

*dramatic close up on General Pepper's face*

We need YOU.

*hologram shuts off*

So Just a little intro to my new re-make of the old Cornerian Academy RP. I often don't think small...so just to let you know this will require more than likely DOUBLE the players of the previous holder. For any of you who think that it may turn out to be a boring concept well...the original went up to Ninety-something pages. We blew holes in the academy-twice. Transported Sargasso Hideout into the space right above Corneria and kicked Starwolf's @$$'es. And the end of it we were about to go through a dramatic and thrilling jailbreak and hostage situation. It was not a boring RP. And I don't plan to make this one either. (Especially if I collaborate with Radigal again. The two of us together practically sweat chaos. XD) You can read the entire thing here:http://s13.zetaboards.com/StarFox_Galaxies/topic/6761383/1/

However for new-goers and even for old-goers I'd like to point a few differences in this RP from the original.

Posted Image

Fox is still the lovable hero everybody loves this time around. However he has a little more fear in him than normal in this RP. Andross in return has made what the masses call an "Aparoid Activator". With this machine he can create Aparoid cells within any soul that had been infected during the Aparoid Invasion. His first plan of action is to use this against StarFox to stop them from thwarting his plans. The team doesn't entirely believe him, and Andross makes cells in General Pepper making him mildly ill. Realizing this, Fox calls for his team to back off. After receiving an unsettling transmission from Wolf O' Donell about how the vulpine may need to face his friends in the future, Fox begins to have flashbacks from when he fought the infected General Pepper the first time. If push came to shove...will he have to kill the houd? Or...more importantly his secondary father figure; Peppy Hare?

Fox also struggles with his feeling with Krystal. During one of their last missions, he believed Krystal to be dead and uttered the phrase into his com "I'll never love another woman, as I did you." Krystal however turned out to be very much alive and seems to have heard his words. Things have been...awkward between them to say the least and Fox struggles to keep things professional...or personal.

Since Peppy was called to help General Pepper out with his tasks, Fox equally begins to pitch in with work at Coernerian Academy and finds himself leading Alpha Kyuubi; A group of Elite students that specialize in leadership and well balanced abilities. Lately he feels Starfox may need a new team member, one that would serve as a saboteur since he regretted not having one when Andross revealed his activation machine. Within his group he's had his eye on one prospective member- Miyu Lynx: Skill First Class in her Flight, Combat and Weapons training. He aims to test the girls limits and see if she'll be up for the role.

Posted Image

Falco initially disagreed with Fox's decision to let Andross get away for the moment. He secretly teams with Katt Monroe to destroy the Aparoid Activator, with Katt acting as field agent at planet Venom while Falco fed her information from the CDF and his very own team. However not long after...all transmissions from Katt desisted. Internally Falco noted that he had no romantic attraction to the feline...but he was was worried about her safety. So unlike the rest of the StarFox team that rushed to help with the efforts on Corneria with Fox, he left for Venom for a time. However he came up with nothing after three days. Later on his joins the effort, leading Beta Phoenix: An Elite group of classman that specialize in flight, vehicle handling and air drops. Even though still brash and cocky...Falco acts a little more subdued as of late. He's very worried about his friend...even though he's found a buddy in his team known as Dash Bowman.

Posted Image

Krystal has been having the very odd dizzy spells. Mostly about Cernia and the Aparoids. At times they seem to make her hallucinate, while others they make her pass out and have intense nightmarish dreams. She tries to deal with all of this as best she can while leading Gamma Raiju: which offers students that are greatly skilled hand to hand combatants, marksmen and diplomats. Krystal appreciates all of her team...but sometimes she wonders about one of her students going by the name of Fay Spaniel that's only welled versed in diplomacy and lacks focus and interest in the other two.

Krystal is also a little anxious to talk with Fox about the status of their relationship. Things are a bit strained and she's eager to move forward in her life. The only question remains on if Fox wants to do anything about then tension between them or not. She does want him to make the first move...but equally she desires to prompt a decision herself.

Posted Image

Although a great mechanic and designer, Slippy's been feeling a little useless lately. He doesn't feel like he compares to the rest of the StarFox team. Fox assures him it's nothing and to dismiss the shortcomings he may have, but the frog is a bit more determined. He wants to become more useful in combat situations and overcomes his fears. While leading Delta Ogama special classmen that show passion and talent for mechanics and R&D he works on becoming tougher in the process. He's even started carrying dual blasters like fellow team-mate Falco; be he hasn't been able to be very effective with them as he'd like.

Slippy often confers with Fara Phoenix and Nite Leonai -two buddies of his- about his problems. Sometimes he feels they're the only ones that understand his nature and can offer him sound advice.

Posted Image

Bill has graduated from the Husky and Bulldog Squadrons and now captains a Black Ops unit called Ceberus. The group is forced to carry out some very gritty and impossible tasks, and Bill sometimes worries he doesn't have what it takes to continue leading. However he is constantly kept afloat by the commander of Cerberus; Todd McCloud. Both are able to confide in each other about various aspects of their mission since non-Cerberus members are denied details of their operations.

Posted Image

Growing up in a rough neighborhood of Corneria Slums, Miyu Lynx the tomboyish feline has always been ready for action. Having graduated the Flight Academy at the top of her class, Miyu years to shed the last of her student credentials as she is placed in Alpha Kyuubi under the Fox McCloud. She's always ready for battle, unlike her childhood friend Fay who seems to only care about social aspects in life. However she constantly tries to encourage the canine to be more adventurous whenever getting together.

Posted Image

Even though coming from a different cut of the rug, Fay has always been good friends with Miyu since they were little. They went to preschool together. They went to kindergarten, together. Middle school, together. High school? Again together. They'd been together up until the Cornerian Flight Academy. Then when they graduated they'd been split up. Fay was put placed in Gamma Raiju for her warm friendly personality and ability to negotiate with other calmly. However she still felt lost. Joing the CDF had been Miyu's dream not hers. Without her best friend there at her side she feels sort of lost. However being a socialite she tries to cheer herself up by attempting to reach one her other goals; to get a boyfriend. She's had had a thing for Commander Bill Grey for a while and recently she became attracted to new Chief of Security: Ryker Baxter. She's also has a small crush on Fox but due to rumors of him being involved with her team leader Krystal, she's been hesitant on the matter. However...by the time she becomes a full soldier...she vows to be dating someone.

Posted Image

Fara is an older friend of Fox McCloud who went through Cornerian Flight School at the same time he did. She had always harbored somewhat of a secret crush on him, even though at the time she would never admit it. However when she graduated she went on to be the Chief Test Pilot and Mechanic instead of following him to the stars. Now years later, she sees a chance to try to possibly start a relationship with him. She has heard the rumors that Krystal is interested in the vulpine but she won't back down for that reason. She's determined that If Krystal hasn't made a move yet she doesn't really want Fox. Fara on the other paw does...and pretty soon she'll see if she has the opportunity to show it...

Posted Image

Ryker Baxter was previously only a close proximity bodyguard to General Pepper. But due to some surprising tactical decisions four months ago during which a lone infiltrator of a group called jikeidan managed to take down five security teams, Ryker was promoted for his quick thinking and leadership. He now holds the high rank of "Chief of Security" on CDF grounds and his duties are much more expansive. However Ryker still feels guilt for only subduing the member, and not capturing her. Since his promotion he's been tracking her as best as he can from the base but outside in Corneria City, she lies beyond his reach. So the German Shepherd lies in wait and hopes they cross paths again and he continues to do his job.

Posted Image

Angel Frost. A mysterious young vixen who past is known by very few. Right now she seems to be part of an organization called jikeidan. But there's almost no other Intel on her existence.

Posted Image

Nite Leonai. Distant cousin of Falco...with this only being known by a DNA test. When Falco had first met him the owl had been absolutely quiet and mute...not talking at all to his new relative. But later on Falco is one person he talks to the most, the others being Slippy and Fara Phoenix. His skills as armament inventor and tech warrior, got him a very prominent job as at the CDF as Head Weapon's Engineer and Technological Consult. He speaks more to others more in recent days, but he seems to have problems expressing his emotions properly. Ironically his assistant robot "Femto" who also serves as his muscle has been programmed to convey emotions rather realistically, making Nite seem more like an actual machine and Femto as a person.

Lately Nite seems to be more paranoid than normal and has been making security protocols for any intruders that enter his personal lab. Falco slightly wonders what this is about...

So yeah just a few things to note about the characters. There's even more to come but a lot of it will be seen in the RP to avoid spoilers right here and now.

Player List:

Falcory: Falco Lombardi, General Pepper, Panther Caroso (If someone really wants him PM me.), Andross, Ryker Baxter, Angel Frost, Nite Leonai, Jake Webb, Emily Sharp.

Radigal: Fox McCloud, Leon Powalski, Peppy Hare, Lucy Hare, Marcus McCloud, Rasper Agathorn, Togeta Indotinga.

Julius Quasar: Todd McCloud, Lola Foxglove.

Star_Dragon: Bill Grey, General K'torr

Kursed: Krystal, Tigress Arcnon

Avaikaofstarfox: Avaika L Katrina

All other characters are up for grabs. [edit_reason]adding in that I am taking Fox :P[/edit_reason]
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