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The Cool Blue Avian. When a bird's this smooth, he's bound to get the girls.
I would, but I feel like I would wreck them, these canon characters, so...I am not exactly sure what makes me think this. I guess I just have this gut-feeling? Heheh, must I ignore it then?As for having skimmed through Avaika's information, did you skim through her main back-story, alternate (in a separate post), or both? (just trying to clarify some stuff, please do not mind me) How so, is she perfectly suited for a student?

Everybody feels like they'll wreck a canon character including me. But if it really worries you you can pick a character that really hasn't been seen enough to really have anything to wreck. For example Miyu or Fay...or even Fara.

I skimmed through all of it really. I was able to see she was a tomboy and that she seems to be good friends with team members of Starfox. That's good enough to be a student really. (Also...on side note I was wondering about an "Angel" you mentioned. XD)

Oh and that's great news Julius!
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