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Apr 11 2014, 01:23 PM
Everybody feels like they'll wreck a canon character including me. But if it really worries you you can pick a character that really hasn't been seen enough to really have anything to wreck. For example Miyu or Fay...or even Fara.

I skimmed through all of it really. I was able to see she was a tomboy and that she seems to be good friends with team members of Starfox. That's good enough to be a student really. (Also...on side note I was wondering about an "Angel" you mentioned. XD)
Considering that, but there isn't the greatest chance that I'll just take the role of any canon characters, just so you are aware. I have far little confidence in my ability to rp as even the least known about canon characters. It takes time to gain. So sorry about all that. XD;

Right, okay, but her main back-story may prove to be a bit contradictory in some way or another, I haven't an actual clue though. According to that story, she met Fox at a much younger age (like, as a kid), and found Fox again later and joined SF right around the time of the Lylat war. In the alt back-story, all of her weird connections to the canon characters are dropped to make her more adaptable, but then again, it too puts her into a place of which she would still not fit in, seeing as she up and became a freelance pilot who roams about alone doing random acts of kindness and heroics. Any of both stories I'm sure can be altered for this in some way, any way, to ensure her fitting in, but I wouldn't know how I could pull it off, which is why I may be in need of your (or even other people's) guidance.

(The Angell I mention every now and again in her info posts is another character I made during my childhood (and based off of Fox's "blue" palette swap in SSB) . Angell Skar is the leader of a team of five female pilots who are hardly known, and roam about the Lylat system to help all during times of conflict. Angell and her other fellows may not fit, as far as I figure, but I could be wrong. )[edit_reason]Embarrassing typo??[/edit_reason]
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