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The Cool Blue Avian. When a bird's this smooth, he's bound to get the girls.
The second alt-backstory I would find more favorable...only because having non-canon Starfox characters tends to start small debates at times. But if she's a pilot that likes to go around doing acts of kindness then she seems like the kind of person that may want to do all she can for the incoming war and enroll in the academy. You can even have her graduated if you wish and in one of the Starfox squads that conform to her special skills like Falco's [bgcolor=#ee4a2d]Beta Phoenix[/bgcolor] for those that are good with vehicles and flying.

And no Angell just caught my eye seeing as I have a character named Angel Frost who'll be in this very RP. If you wanted to use her for this go right ahead. Just let me know...and I'll look her over and see if she'll be approved. Unless she's a Mary Sue or something hear or other that's really wild she'll probably be approved...so don't worry. lol
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