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All reason for a distant star!
My final decision: I am hopping on in with Avaika (alt ver.). (I mean, I don't know exactly what I want to do with her, and may still need some guidance on that or somesuch, but I know some of the possible ways she can fit into this rp now and I thank you for allowing me to see how. Thanks so much. )
Yes, I would like to partake in this rp.

As for your question to everyone... I feel like I haven't an answer for that. I dunno...
My answer is NOPE it's here only for me. I'd feel a massive load of discomfort there, sorry. (If it ends up there, I may drop out, which is bad for me because technically, I have never roleplayed here at all (not counting my 13 year old self's mistakeful acts of stupidity and obliviousness five years ago which I still so regret to this day so very much) due to being so unreasonably nervous about openly posting here all the time, which is FAR wasteful of my join, I think, especially since I'd been rescued from some troll someplace else to get here... and I have been working real hard to come out of that darned shell of mine. That atrocious, unreasonable-to-hide-in shell. All of my efforts, past and current, will be in vain. All of them. Wasted. The other place is not my kind of environment... I'm a KID trapped inside an adult's body, you could say. I'm a freaking scaredy-cat. There's stuff that I just plain-out avoid due to (extreme) discomfort or the possibility of. Just saying.

Sorry if this all sounds selfish. )

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