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Head General of the Marauder Corps
///General K'torr\\\

Name: K'torr


Sex: Male

Height: 6'2"

Species: Cornerian Feline/Cyborg

Home World: Unknown

Physique: Looks Average, but is stronger than he looks

Attire: MASRA SOPIS Mk IX Battleplate Armor

Occupation: Mercanary, Commander of the Draconis Crusader mercenary faction on board the DMCS Iron Regent

[img width=800 height=249]http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/xq90/822/vs9v.jpg[/img]
RX Hybrid H7M1

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Dual Black Diamond-Blade Katanas

Strengths: Cybernetic Enhancements, Ambidextrous, deadly shot with his rifle, master in Dual-blade fighting

Weaknesses: Certain elements of his Cybernetic Enhancements require him to be on constant medication every six hours. Prolonged periods without medication can possibly be fatal, depending on current situation.

Personality: Cunning, Calculating, and Clever in combat (both starship engagements and planetary/personal combat), funny, outgoing, and good-to-know out of combat.

Background: General K'torr is a figure if increasing controversy. He is the commander of the small mercenary faction called the Draconis Crusaders - a faction that has been around since before the rise of the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps - and has been for years. Conjecture arose regarding how old K'torr really is; it is public knowlede that K'torr is the man who founded the Draconis Crusaders, but the age of his faction would seem to suggest that he is quite old - but, despite this, he manages to remain young-looking. How he does it is unknown, but it is speculated that he uses stolen Necromyan technology to stay alive, but it has never been proven. It is also rumored that General K'torr has a soft spot for someone, a woman who he willingly shared his technology with, but no one knows who she is.

General K'ttorr and his ship, the DMCS Iron Regent, served with the DMC during the Marauder War. It was (and is) unknown why the DMC commissioned a ship for him and his followers, but one thing was certain: They, and the ship they got, did their job well. After the war ended, General K'torr and his ship found work with Andross and his forces when they started their war against the Cornerians. After taking a few worlds, however, Andross decided he wanted K'torr's ship, as he viewed it as a ship that was too powerful to risk falling into the hands of the Cornerians. General K'torr and his mercenaries were caught completely off-guard, but quickly fended off the boarding action. When the boarding action was unsuccessful, Andross ordered the Iron Regent destroyed; after a tense battle that lasted days, K'torr's ship was nearly destroyed, but managed to escape.

After nearly losing his ship, K'torr was never the same. He viewed Andross as an over-ambitious, greedy, deceitful and self-serving bastard, and vowed to destroy him. After arriving at Dragon'taan, K'torr spent years repairing, then refitting and refurbishing his ship while re-building his mercenary faction. He then honed their skills and tested the new refits of his ship, and after many years, he felt the Iron Regent had been refitted enough, and decided it time to return to Lylat, join the Cornerians, and take his vengeance against Andross for his transgression.

///DMCS Iron Regent\\\

[img width=800 height=604]http://s25.postimg.org/60tscerzj/Mural_Progress_15.jpg[/img]

Predator-class Battlecruiser/Battle Carrier

DMCS Iron Regent

x20 Kadgeron Gauss Plasma Pulse Cannon Turrets (x10 Port/x10 Starboard)
x12 Kadgeron Heavy Disruptor Cannon Turrets (x6 Port/x6 Starboard)
x12 Kadgeron Plasma Torpedo Turrets (x6 Port/x6 Starboard)
x4 Kadgeron Heavy Gauss Cannon Turrets (x2 Port/x2 Starboard)
x2 Kadgeron Antimatter Missile Launchers (Forward-facing)
x4 Kadgeron Anti-Starship Long-Range Missile (ASLRM) Launchers (Forward-Facing)
x4 Kadgeron Mass Driver Turrets (x2 Dorsal-Aft/x2 Ventral-Aft)
x1400 Kadgeron Disruptor Cannons (x700 Port/x700 Starboard)
x12 Kadgeron High-Explosive Short-Range Missile (HESRM) Launchers (x6 Port/x6 Starboard)
x32 Multi-Craft Hangar Bays (x16 Dorsal-Bow/x16 Ventral-Bow)
x1 Marauder Drone Storage/Hangar Bay (Center Ventral)

8,150 Meters


HAILSTORM Point Defense System
DERAILER Missile/Torpedo Guidance System Jammer
PHANTOM Stealth Comm Decoy System
HARLEQUIN Decoy Launcher
TOWER Anti-Cloaking Device Nullifier
Emergency Thrusters
Dragon'taan Cloaking Device


PAVE HOUND Active Electronically Scanned Array RADAR
PAVE SAW Radio Telescope
SAFEGUARD Electromagnetic Array
REARGUARD Electromagnetic Array
SNIPER Optical Telescope
PREDATOR Infra-red Telescope
HUNTER Sensor Network

Overlapping Class-IX Anti-Kadgeron Energy/Class-IX Anti-Kadgeron Particle shields

Modified MASRA Battleplate Armor Plating

Plasma Fusion Drive

Not to be confused with the Dragon'taan Marauder Corps Carrier of the same name, the Predator-class Battlecruiser is a warship designed by the Draconis Crusaders using various design ideas and inspirations, and built by the Crusaders in collaboration with the DMC. The DMCS "Iron Regent" was the first of it's kind, and reflected the ship's Sith origins while representing the pride of the Crusader fleet. Equipped with a cloaking device like any other DMC vessel, it is capable of making devastating surprise attacks on it's own. However, this Predator has a slightly larger hangar capacity than the DMC Predator (thanks to it's design), and despite being smaller than the DMC Predator, it is more heavily armed than it's DMC counterpart. The Predator also houses numerous Orbital Drop Pods for surface engagements. Equipped with the latest advances in Dragon-Shifter sensor, countermeasure, and shield technology, and plated with a Modified version of MASRA Battleplate Armor Plating, the Predator is a fearsome foe. It also comes standard with DMC-issue Engines, allowing it superior maneuverability compared to older Sith designs. Because of all this armament, defense and all other technologies packed onto this ship, it fills many roles, ranging from Assault ship to Battle Carrier. It's primary weakness is the location of the Shield Generators: Like the all Sith designs, the three shield generators generating the shields on the ship are located on the external surfaces of the ship; two atop the Bridge structure, and one behind the Hangar Bay that stores the Marauder Drones. Also of note on the Predator is the fact that it carries a compliment of DMC Marauder Drones - starfighter-sized, AI or remote controlled drones that use a polymorphic generator combined with advanced materialization projection emitters to literally become varying kind of warships, everything ranging from a corvette to a dreadnought. This allows the Predator to deploy a sizeable fleet in seconds at little cost to time and no cost to resources.
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