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CDF Headquarters- Briefing Room.

General Pepper looked at the audience that had amassed inside the large meeting room. Having taken a head count...everyone was here. That meant it was time for him to speak. He knew that his most recent adviser Peppy Hare was against him leading this meeting, but him being slightly sick wouldn't interfere with his command duties. He had called this meeting here today to inform of several new hopes. Hopes that would ultimately crush the spawning of a new war. His hound dog head held high he cleared his throat.


"I thank for all for being here today." he declared with his husky dogged voice. "We of course have been very busy when considering the incoming threats. It has made us step outside of our comfort zone and shoulder new responsibilities that ensure the safety of the Lylat Sytem."

General Pepper cleared his throat.

"But as of today...those responsibilities will not be shouldered alone. Many of us are familiar with our new squads. All of them led by the best and brightest we have." General Pepper nodded in StarFox's direction and Falco gave a small smirk at the action. Slippy however sat quietly and just seemed to observe the proceedings. Falco creased his eyes towards the frog with interest. Wasn't like him to not be so...excited. The avian mildly wondered what was eating at him.

The bird's thoughts were dismissed at the General began to speak again."These squads consist of promising new graduates that have yet to become full fledged soldiers and will learn under the tutelage under those much experienced than them. Once they have earned their wings and badge of honor they will be accepted as CDF Army personnel and will begin in their much needed duties." Pepper paused again. "But this is not all. In the past we've dubbed our fair training grounds as the Cornerian Flight Academy...despite flying not only being the only skill taught there. However...our new school needed a name to reflect the upsurge of teaching methods that we have newly introduced. The good people of the CDF...today I present to you....the first day of the Cornerian Division Academy!!!"

All in the room began to clap at the introduction, including Falco and Slippy. The two smile lightly and looked around at the others in the room with minimal interest.

"With all those here to commemorate this event, the Cornerian Division as a whole would like to commemorate you all for your efforts." Pepper continued. "You have all done a splendid job and we wish to encourage you to press on ever forward to do better and better in the future."

General Pepper took a small step back and saluted.

"I declared this event, transpired. All soldiers with important duties; as you were, and the rest can stay behind behind for de-briefing of their assignments. Also...there is the possibility some good news may be received monetarily so if you have an urge to stay here for the while, go right ahead. Otherwise...Dissssssssmisssed!"

The General swirled a baton around stylishly before angling it behind his back, his stature never dissipating. His mind wandered to that of squad leader Bill Grey and commander Todd McCloud. Hopefully their mission would be a success. Corneria-no...Lylat needed the extra hope.
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