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(Not sure how to kick off my chars' intros, so I'll start like this)

*** Meanwhile, elsewhere in the galaxy ***

Bill crept around the dark, hoping to avoid detection by Venomian troops. In this area, there was little to none; the enemy presence would significantly increase the closer he got to his objective. He looked back at the rest of his squad. Cerberus, they were called - and he wished they could truly earn that name. Most of the poor sops in his squad had very little real combat experience against Venomian troops. However, he had faith in one. He returned his attention to the enemy soldiers.

"Hey, Todd... any bright ideas?"

*** Meanwhile, somewhere else in the galaxy ***

The preparations were nearly complete. Kadgeron capacitors were up and charging. Weapons were loaded. Anti-Kadgeron Energy and Particle shields were ready. The crew was almost all accounted for, with the remaining personnel being shuttled in. Once the shuttles left, once they were clear of the Iron Regent, her commander would make his move. The Cyborg sat in the captain's chair of his gargantuan vessel, looking over the refit reports, making sure everything was squared away.

Here we go again, K'torr thought. And this time, it's personal.
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