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Morrowwind is what I believe the game in the series that offers most freedom. There's no waypoints, you actually have to listen to people and get directions. You either pay to go to towns, or you get to walk. Plus, you can literally kill anyone and they stay dead. No "important character" immunity. If you kill a main story-central character, the game outright tells you "You fucked up the game. You can't finish the main quest now. Reload a save, or this game is unwinnable"

Also, the environments are what I think are the most stunning. Very weird and unique. Skyrim's visuals are a close second. I do love the snow and Norse visuals.

Plus, what's really cool that Oblivion and Skyrim do not have is the ability to have the "levitation" enhancement, which literally makes you fly. Also, you can create your own custom spells, such as a 200 ft. fireball that does 6000 damage. Obviously you won't have the Magika to cover it, but through the use of cheats, you can literally take out entire towns. It's pretty fun.

The only complaint of Morrowwind that I have is the combat. It's... very plain. All you do is go up and mash the attack button hoping you hit something.
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