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Julius Quasar
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Kursed, for the love of God, please give RedFox8 and Radigal their positions back!

Radigal brought this place back from the dead! RedFox8 had been an awesome Admin, and so has Radigal. They both contribute a lot to this place, and so do I. Banning you wasn't personal, but I do agree with what they have to say regarding your BEHAVIOR here recently. I'm sorry you weren't happy with how Krystal was being regarded in your roleplay, but you've been starting a lot of drama that could have been avoided with a simple discussion and negotiation. When you get banned from a forum that you founded, and it isn't just on the opinion of one person, don't you think you should take stock, look in the mirror, and say "Maybe I should look at this from a perspective that isn't my own?". You don't have to agree with the decision of others, but you should stop thinking about yourself. I know I'm a hypocrite for saying this, since I was wrong to put my head in the sand, and I should have spoken up and said this sooner, but I never thought it would escalate to this in under 8 hours. We have members who might just quit this place for good because of the bad blood, sadly brewed up mostly by you. If you have a problem with how you think your fan character or a canon character under your control is being treated in the RP, you can either talk about it with the creator (privately or in a dedicated discussion thread) or just politely say "I'm out of this RP" and go do something else. But don't ruin it for everyone, and don't arbitrarily and capriciously demote staff members just because of RP Drama and because they don't agree with you on an issue.
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