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The Aparoids have returned somehow their queen has been reborn/recrated. It's up to Starfox and their allies again to save the Lylat system and it's nearby planets from the Aparoid invasion. Meanwhile On venom some curious scenerio's are playing out what is happening on Venom we don't know yet ,but it's defintly not good we could be faced with a two sided confllict.

Make no mistake the Fate Of the Lylat system and beyond lies in Jeopardy!

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Fox is still the Leader and Hero of Lylat with his Starfox team. Through a few mistakes he's learned that Krystal is a more valuble asset to the team than he onced realized. He knows their job is dangerous and as much as he would like to Limiting Krystal to non- dangerous roles in the team is detrimental to their relationship, though as of yet Fox has not fully admitted his love for Krystal and Struggles to keep things professional between him and her.

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Krystal has had odd dizzy spells as well as hallcinations and somtimes passing out, she's been struggling to keep herself Focused at times when the situation is not too serious. Lately her relationship with Fox although better is a big strained since Fox has yet to admit to her out loud his love for her she knows he loves her but wants him to make the first move. Krystal serves as the teams telepath and medic her extesive skills in medcine aid the team when they are wounded in battle of course she's also an excellent hand-to-hand combatant ,with the use of her staff she is an even more lethal. Somtimes considered more of a threat than her gun wielding allies.

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Falco has been thinking about breaking away from starfox and joining up with his long time friends in the hot rodders. His feelings for Katt Monroe has somewhat distorted his decisions.Weather he is going to leave Starfox is yet to be seen but seeing Krystal and Fox makes him think of Katt.

Non-Vital cannon characters (these characters are non-vital but i'd like them filled if possible

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Slippy has been working with Tigress Arcnon on technology for the Starfox team with two mechanics the teams ships and other equipment have been working better than ever and more efficiently. He's also been trying to toughen up by training in the flight simulator to improve his piloting skills and been working out and practicing with dual blasters to become a better fighter on foot.

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Bill Grey is the leader of the Cerberus squadron a group of Elite soldiers and commados in the CDF army, His piloting skills are unmatched in the Cornerian airforce and only members of the starfox team match his piloting skill. As of yet he and his squad have been sent to venom to see what the heck is going on.

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Miyu Lynx is a newer member of starfox her piloting skills almost rival that of Falco. She's tomboyish and an outspoken member of Starfox ,but nontheless she gets her work done. She's good freinds with Fay Spaniel and talks to her alot she seems to have an intreat to talkign with the other women of the Starfox team talking to them all about 'showing the boys what we're made of.' With a background similar to Falco's Miyu is a rough and tough girl that you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

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The second new member,Fay Spaniel is almost the exact opposite of Miyu being a little shy and doesn't speak much unless she has a really good idea or point to make. She has a lot of issues trying to fully express herself, Krystal and Miyu are very concerned about her and offer and give her advice when she ask for it.

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Fara is an old time friend of Fox, thanks to Krystal and her excellent medical experience she was able to get out of her wheel chair and walk again. However she still has feelings for Fox and is Determined to take fox for herself if Krystal doesn't soon, keeping these feelings to herself, she mostly speaks with Tigress about her feelings who is unsure of what to do but feels like listening is the least she can do. She's also got bit of feelings for Todd McCloud Fox's Cousin but less so knowing he's already married.


Tigress Arcnon: Tigress Arcnon the second mechanic and somtimes the muscle behind a charge is a valuble asset to the team she constatly works with Slippy to improve the teams technology and weapons. Lately she has come up with intresting ground vehicles she calls Battlemechs and is able to teach other members how to use them. A very good friend of Krystal's she has a hard time speaking to both her and Fara about their feeligns for Fox.

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