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All reason for a distant star!
A new threat has shown its face to Lylat.
And you'd have thought that all had settled after the APAROIDS have been wiped?
Well, while things are just recovering for Lylat, Venom, and most notably a half-Klawzorian called Katrukakzai, is taking this opportunity to give Andross rise again.

A killer possession disease, Only able to be made and spread by Katru, has broken loose, and is taking many by the mass thousands/milions(?) and counting, so far, throughout Lylat. When one comes into contact with the dark slime, which is lying, multiplying, and moving everywhere, they start to suffer, and it spreads, spreads, spreads, slowly, but not, and trying to find the eyes, because once they are covered, control is taken; Resultingly making monsters of the inflicted and continually taking away most of that person's consciousness, and through time, killing the person internally as the monster continues to live. Fighting that monster which holds the victim while he or she is still alive is one way to cure them, but is very risky, and, well, accidents happen. Nobody wants to take that chance of killing someone they love.

Behind the scenes, Venom is waiting until it can take out their enemies, like the CDF, Starfox, and other annoyances, so that afterward they can bring Andross back to life, those loyalists, and let him finish the job and take over Lylat, just as they all wish.

Little does anyone know, there is an antidote+immuninzation Andross and appropriate personnel had created back during the Lylat war, when Katrukakzai joined Venom in case of Katru's most unlikely, most impossible betrayal. If it could be discovered, retrieved, and perhaps further studied, then maybe it would save all of Lylat for good. Because Katrukakzai, strange enough powers as he holds, hides often, and is hard to find unless he purposely presents himself.

Starfox has been alerted of this sudden outbreak, and is trying to figure out what exactly they can do to help, because this isn't just some disease. It is a disease which, as of currently, is impervious to any and all sorts of medical attention and procedures. Worser yet, even researching it is dangerous.
Even some risky enough researchers have gotten possessed and ultimately controlled to kill off one another. And it's not pretty.
No one yet knows about the just-in-case immunization located within the deep confines of Venom.
Will Lylat be saved? Before Starfox all catches it too and dies off, even?


So yeah, just a little overview...
This takes place littleways after StarFox: Assault.
And when I play characters of mine such as Avaika and stuff, they will be based around what I am used to, instead of their alternate selves of whom are disconnected heavily from canon characters for adaptability to other RPs; so expect to actually see an Avaika of Starfox (instead of freelancce Avai), maybe an Akaiva of Starwolf (if they step in), an Angell Skar of Unknown Blaze who might know SF and so on. Whatever the heck. Sorry if that disturbs any of you.
Just know that I am a very careful roleplayer, and all will be fine. XD


Also, If anyone wishes to play canon characters, please notify me. At least Fox and most of Starfox are needed.

Taken canon roles:
Falco Lombardi -- Falcolove3000
Krystal -- Kursed

Who is Katrukakzai?
Here, more on him is here:

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