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Julius Quasar
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CDF Commander of the Army
*A flashback to the time just before the events of Star Fox Assault, but just after the event of Star Fox Adventures*

The military tribunal assembled. General Pepper sat at the podium, and the special prosecutor stood before him. Peppy Hare sat in the witness seat, as the members of the CDF sat in the room, both as a jury pool of 12, and as members of the audience. Captain Shears, wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and body shackle system, was escorted in by two armed Military Police officers, and his lawyer, a raccoon, stood beside him.

General Pepper spoke. "This Court Martial, and Military tribunal, will commence! Captain Koojeaux Shears, you stand here today, accused of numerous counts of treason, corruption, and several counts of personnel abuse, sexual harassment, theft, perjury, spitting on the sidewalk, and (worst of all) Tax Evasion!!! How does the defendant plead?".

The raccoon lawyer piped up "I believe it would be on his knees, with his hands clasped, but he can't get onto his knees with the body shackles, so..." the lawyer was cut off by General Pepper "No! I mean how does the defendant plead in terms of his legal situation?" General Pepper wheezed. "Oh, that thing where you didn't do it...not guilty?" said the raccoon. Captain Shears snorted in disgust.

"Very well then! Let the argument for the prosecution begin!" said General Pepper.

The special prosecutor called witnesses, presented witnesses (including Fox McCloud, who was briefly there), Peppy Hare, and many CDF soldiers. He cited case precedents, and presented an airtight prosecution. As for the defense council, he bungled and fumbled Captain Shears' case. "....and that's where babies come from!" he concluded. "What the bloody hell does that have to do with Captain Shears' case!?" shouted General Pepper. "Oh...is that what we're still talking about?" said Captain Shears's defense lawyer. "YES!" shouted everyone in the room, including Captain Shears. "Oh...I move for a....bad...trial...thingy." said the defense lawyer. "Do you mean a mistrial!?" said General Pepper. "Yeah! That one!" said the defense lawyer.

"DENIED" said General Pepper loudly, banging the gavel.

After deliberation by the jury pool, Captain Shears was found...

"Guilty!" said General Pepper, reading the verdict. He then said "Captain Shears, you are hereby Dishonorably Discharged from the Cornerian Defense Forces, the Lylat Federation Government, and you will serve a life sentence, without any possibility of pardon, release, or parole. You will serve you sentence in Staja #84, on Planet Macbeth!" General Pepper banged the gavel. "Court adjourned." he said.

*hours later*

Captain Shears was brought to the Prison on Planet Macbeth.

He was brought before the Head Prison Guard, who processed Captain Shears while another guard took his personal effects.

Head Prison Guard: "One Half Bar of chocolate!"
Prison Guard: *writes this down*
Head Prison Guard: "One Packet of Cigarettes!"
Prison Guard: *writes this down*

Head Prison Guard: *takes out an envelope* "One Cornerian Credits coin piece! One pocket comb, black hard rubber! One fountain pen in a carbon fiber case! One face watch, self winding, 'Timerist' wrist watch, silver metal on expanding bracelet band! One Key Wallet, imitation red leather with bunch of keys! Please sign here for your valuable property! The tobacco and the chocolate, you will lose that, as you are now convicted! " said the head Prison Guard as he sealed the envelope and confiscated the chocolate. The prison guard who wrote down everything that belonged to Captain Shears took the sealed envelope and had Captain Shears sign for the personal effects.

As Captain Shears was taken over to the table, he was forced to change from his Metro Jail jumpsuit, and was interviewed by the head guard to ask if he had any illnesses, allergies, etc. After all of the questions were answered, Captain Shears received his bath, delousing powder, prison clothes, and bedding...

*Years later, now in the present day*

Reporter: "Recent events with the CDF budget, have forced several prisons to relocate their inmates to the frontier world of Planet Venom! Federation Directive 33560A, the mass exporting and outsourcing of all of the Lylat Systems worst criminals. The proposal will remove all of the high level criminals of the Lylat System, and relocate them to the prison colonies that have been constructed on Planet Venom. The "Prison Staff" will be mostly relegated to robotic and computer automation. It was voted into action by the Federation Representatives, to ease the overcrowding of prisons and penal colonies throughout the Lylat System. Many suspect that bribery by prison contractors and development companies helped to pass this motion by a slim margin."

General Pepper: "There is no other option left. Our prisons are overcrowded, and we simply lack the proper resources to expand them, let alone maintain the existing facilities. I don't like this myself, but the Federation has exhausted all other options!"

Reporter: "This controversial endeavor by the Federation has many speculating that kickbaks, bribery, and other forms of civil conspiracy were involved, though there is no evidence yet to support it. Many citizens fear that exporting so many high level criminals, among them including former CDF Captain Koojeaux Shears, is a grievous error."

Fox: "What the hell are they THINKING! There are plenty of frontier territories on planets like Fichina! The very cold is the best measure of keeping inmates from escaping, let alone too cold and miserable to plot any trouble!" *an angry crowd agrees with him in loud rabble*

Captain Shears was sitting in his prison cell unit, in a beat up, poorly constructed bunkhouse on Planet Venom. He didn't go outside when he could help it, due to the noxious atmosphere of Planet Venom. But ever since he arrived here with the other inmates, he was plotting his revenge against the CDF. "Sir!" an inmate entered his room. "Yes?" said Captain Shears. "Star Wolf came through for us, we have the stuff." said the inmate. A sneer curled on Captain Shears lips. "Won't be long NOW!" he gloated.

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