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DMC General Draco Bellator was working on his lightsaber - the Vindicator hilt - when he paused.

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"Are you alright?" asked K'torr, who was standing nearby.

"I... sense a disturbance in the Force," Draco answered. K'torr paused, closing his eyes momentarily.

"I sense it, as well," he said. "I think... this is something to do with the a situation over in Lylat, Universe 05."

Draco reassembled the Vindicator hilt. "Then why haven't you gone?" he asked.

"Because my attention is needed here; General Zaariin is an ambitious man, and I promised General Indari I'd be here if he made a move against Dragon'taan."

"And Vokun is still researching that project?" Draco queried.

"He is," K'torr affirmed. "You're the only one who can help Lylat at this point - everyone else is busy. Draco finished reassembling his Vindicator Lightsaber and activated it. The Black-Core Blue blade sprang to life. Draco twirled it a bit, then deactivated it. He went into his communicator and gave his orders:

"General Bellator to DMCS Crusader - ready Strike Fleet Gamma. We're heading to Lylat."

"I'm guessing you felt that disturbance in the Force," Kira's voice replied.

Draco took a shuttle to the Crusader - a Predator-class Battlecruiser, like the Iron Regent - and the ship, with it's attendant strike fleet, opened a TDIG Rift to Corneria...
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