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Julius Quasar
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A fat pig (literally) by the name of Dan Nerdly was at his computer workstation on Bolse. He wore khaki pants, a tacky cheap shirt, and big eyeglasses. His infectious laugh burst out as he watched the computer screen, and used his hand grip exercise tool. "Nerdly!" said the Warden. "Yes?" asked Dan. "We're having some glitches throughout the compounds! Why are the features for the mobile transport ground vessels running off of the battery power, and not the main track power?" asked the Warden, hands on his hips, his decorative purpose set of jailer keys on the ring clinking gently.

"It's gonna be a while before we can fix everything, you're gonna have problems with a complex computer system like this! I have the automation set up so you can run this thing on 'auto pilot' for up to 3 days....you think this kind of automation is easy....or CHEAP!?" said Nerdly. "You have my SYMPATHIES for your financial problems, Nerdly, but bear in mind, they're YOUR financial problems!" said the Warden.

"It's not a matter of money, more like a fair trade." said Dan Nerdly. "I WILL NOT GET INTO ANOTHER FINANCIAL DEBATE WITH YOU AGAIN, I will not!" said the Warden angrily. "....hardly a debate at all!" said Nerdly. "I don't blame people for their mistakes, but I do ask that they pay for them." the Warden replied.


Meanwhile, Fox was at McCloud Ranch, watching the news. "Idiots, they're all idiots except for Pepper. He agreed with me about Fichina! But noooo, it was all about the kickbacks!" Fox said. Todd let out a gross burp as he finished a beer. "What did I tell ya'!? The system fails again." he sneered.
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