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Niko pays for her coffee and decides to just get a cinnamon roll, leaving and walking out onto the street, carrying her suitcase as she slips a pair of sunglasses out from her pocket, putting them on, and then her communicator phone vibrated...

She answers. "Whaaaaaat?! Did the prison go south alrea-- oh, seriously. Come on, you KNOW that's a terrible idea--- OK, don't go unzippin' your pants and flingin' your rank around. Now get on with it."

"Uh huh."


"A ship just... warped in? Without warning or clearances... and what do you want me to do about it?"

Soon, she's on a shuttle with a few other soldiers bar the pilot, gearing up. Cool red cloak, check. Power sword and mono-blade? Check. Oversized chainsaw sword? Yup. Blasters? Already in the suitcase.

"Now, remember. This isn't an official mission by any means. We're just going to say hi and see if whomever's on it is friendly or not..." "Ma'am, why are you taking ... all of your gear?" "It's... it's for intimidation factor, shut up."

Soon they're on their way to say hello to that Battlecruiser. Niko effortlessly devours her cinnamon bun thanks to her very sharp teeth, then goes to open communications...

"Unidentified ship, this is CDF Agent Easton, identify yourself immediately and tell us what you're doing here, or we're going to come over there and kick your asses up and down the entire ship and then discuss your intentions."

"Ma'am, that isn't the script---" "Screw the script! These guys need to be told what to expect."
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