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"My bad. I wasn't sure if this was gonna be another Andross thing or not. Better safe than sorry."

She looks to her crew. "Well, ain't got nothin' better to do. We'll be in your docking bay shortly, and I'll leave my soldiers on board the shuttle. Wish you coulda met a better ambassador than me, but here I am. Also, I have two blaster pistols, two swords and a very large sword, just a heads up."

"Ma'am, I'm not sure where the docking bay is..." "Let me guess. First week on the job?" "Yes, ma'am." "Lovely. I think I see it over there anyway..."

Barring any interruption, they land within the DMCS Crusader, and Niko comes down the ramp. Her two paired swords are sheathed in an X shape on her back, partially hidden by her cloak, but the big 'ol chainsaw sword's hilt was right behind her head, very obvious. No suitcase, for she had holstered her pistols.

"Whew. Some ship."
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