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Julius Quasar
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May 8 2014, 12:55 PM

(EDIT: Julius, why did I get a Jurassic Park reference in your post? lol)
(Hee hee heee)

"Complaining about it will get you both nowhere." Krystal sighed "Besides they can't hear you anyway." She added.

"Krystal!" Fox jumped, not seeing her behind him and Todd. "Hey Krystal." said Todd.


Dan Nerdly was talking on a secure line to one of the inmates. "We got a dust storm rolling in, should give you enough cover to send down an escape pod full of weapons, key cards, and prison uniforms. We can use this stuff once Star Wolf uses a small transport logistics ship to bring us aboard. They'll be coming the same time your stuff does. We paid you half of the $1,500,000 Credits, you'll get the other half after all this is successful." said the inmate.

"Yeah-yeah-yeah, I talked to your friend over at that cafe in Zoness, he gave me the 'up front' money...look, how much time of a window will I have with this dust storm, it looks bigger than I thought?" said Dan.

"Well, the storm is larger than expected, you may only have a 10 minute window before it gets too intense for us to find what you drop!" said the inmate.

"Nononononono, you have to give me more time than that! Look, I told your friend at the cafe, 'I need at least an 18 minute window, 15 at the least!' This could ruin everything! You've got to have the guys hold off for another 5 minutes!" said Dan Nerdly.

"No promises!" said the inmate, before cutting communications.

Dan sighed and got to work on his hacker program, to disable the Bolse Defense Station, and to disable the defense and containment systems all over the prison on the surface of Venom.

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