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Tyrius, a planet that seems to be ages behind the rest of Lylatian civilization. This unremarkable world lies out of the way, minding its own business. Its culture is that of medieval times, where kings and queens rule, but it is also a land of fantasy, where fairies, demons, monsters and fearsome dragons contend with heroes, villainous sorcerers plotting to take over the planet only to be thwarted by a brave group of heroes...

All of the magic in this world comes from one source: Manarock. Considered a sacred element bestowed upon this world by the gods, it brings light to homes, gifting the power of magic to those who expose themselves to it, it provides defense against attacks, it provides warmth for the people in the cold, and creates water out of sand for those in the desert.

A Lylatian scout comes back from this planet with news of this Manarock, citing its ability to put out some of the most efficient energy known to the galaxy. Nobody can keep their hands off of it. The CDF wants it. Corporations want it. Even hidden villains desire the Manarock.

There is nothing the people of the planet can do as the Men from the Stars descend upon their world and begin harvesting Manarock, regardless of the world crumbling, magic waning from the world as more Manarock is taken... but there is a prophecy. A chosen few, some from the Stars, some from Tyrius, will band together to halt this, one among them wielding the holy sword, the Starmourne. Will they be able to save the planet before it falls apart at the seams? The lack of manarock causes weaker mages to lose their powers or die... and the stronger mages are going insane, growing immensely powerful in direct proportion to their waning sanity. Only the best mages are unaffected, having accumulated their own mana supply in their own bodies.

Now, I want to see new or adapted characters for the Tyrius side of the party, and the friendly people who are here to try to save this planet can be just about anybody.

I, myself, will be playing a female squirrel adventurer from Tyrius, and she'll be the one who gets Starmourne. That's not to say the rest of you won't have important parts.

Also, I am in need of villains from both Tyrius and off-world, and I'll give you creative control of whatever you want to do with your villainy!

EDIT: Wrong subforum. Browsing multiple tabs has screwed me yet again! Somebody move this over!
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