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A broken sword....
Well, It's been a while since I've role-played on this site, but I'll give this one a shot.

For this, I'll have two characters: One from off-world, and an enemy sorcerer.

Character A

Name: Sarah Harvey
Age: 23
Race: Hybrid of Fox and Husky descent.
Birthplace: Corneria
Family: Twin Brother, Scott. Parents and other known relatives deceased.
Weapons and Equipment: A simple broad-sword, Light traveling gear, and a Crystal-like stone with Magical properties.

Summary: A Young woman with a history of traveling from Planet to planet throughout the galaxies trying to find her home planet. While a skilled swordsman, she hold's unique artifact that has granted her magical abilities that has helped her survived In a dangerous universe. While not the most social, she's quite compassionate and often goes out of her way to help those In need. Her stop has now taken her to the unfamiliar world Tyrius, where she continues to search for Info and the location of the planet of her birth.

Character B

Name: Vincent
Age: Unknown
Race: Wolf-like demon.
Birthplace: Tyrius
Abilities and Equipment: A black Sorcerer's robe, Numerous potions, and magical artifacts, and Is a master of most forms of magic.

I've already discussed most of the details with the GM, and his Character will be shown as the Rp progresses.
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