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Julius Quasar
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I got one!

Name: Belladonna Nixia
Age: Unknown
Race: Banshee.
Birthplace: Tyrius
Abilities and Equipment: She can shape shift, fly, float through solid objects, her scream can immobilize any enemy, and destroy solid objects (including weapons and armor) and her stare an render an enemy helpless with fear. She is on the side of Tyrius, fighting for its preservation, and resents the invaders for desecrating her planet. She's what you would consider an anti-hero. Normally she loves to torment and scare the beings of Tyrius, but she will shelve her differences with them in order to work with them and save her planet.

Appearance: Leathery black wings, floral patterned tights, black leotards, black leather corset, black pointed boots, purple hair done in a stylish medieval braid, blue eyes, heart shaped face, svelte body, and crimson leather arm combat braces.
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