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The Arctic Fox
Name: Sage Bush
Age: 14
Race: Fennec fox
Birthplace: Tyrius
Family: Mother and Father, but she's already an adventurer--who needs parents?
Weapons and Equipment: The usual nomadic gear--leather boots, good pouches, a charming cloak to name a few things--but most importantly, the magic flowing through her veins! (Her manarock pendant helps.)
Brief Bio: Born to wealthy parents, Sage was gifted a beautiful manarock pendant when she was born (which honestly was quite a choking hazard, but they had the equivalent of nannies, so it was okay), which she always kept close to her heart. She was raised on tomes, hand seals, incantations, and the sort, and finally set off on her own at age 12. She was already quite proficient--a prodigy, of sorts--and she was off to find someone to take her on as their apprentice. But she may have gotten sidetracked for two years.
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