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Oh cool! In that case, can I join with my character Ramona?

I typed a lot for this character, so if you want to skip the background, there isn't much important in there.

Name: Ramona Costello
Age: 24
Gender: F
Race: Human
Faction: Alliance Military
Division: N7 Special Forces
Height: 5'10"
Build: Slight
Background: Ramona, coming from a military family, joined the Alliance at the young age of 17. She had been accepted into officer school among other students from her school. When she graduated, she signed up for Interplanetary Combative School, and underwent extreme conditioning in order to be a member of the Alliance's most elite. Within years, she attained a rank of N6, with only one challenge remaining to reach the coveted N7 rank: Live combat. She had seen live combat before, but never like she would as an N7. When her group landed on the Cerberus outpost on Ilos, her combat skills were tested. A fight raged on between her four person team, and the endless onslaught of white armored foes. With a good eye and help from her team, however, they extrapolated the data they needed from the mainframe of the outpost, and the entire team made it out. Cuts, scrapes, bruises, but nothing a little bit of medi gel couldn't handle. Her proficiency in combat had earned her and her team the rank N7. Ramona now goes where her assistance is needed by the Alliance.
Black Widow sniper rifle with enhanced scope and thermal clip capacity mods
Monomolecular blade(Length and general shape of a tanto)
Tactical Cloak(For a short period of time, her suit bends light around it in order to camouflage even while on the move, though it does not stop the sound of feet on the ground, or footsteps)
Electric Slash, Charging her blade, she can release a shockwave of electricity that deals damage within a 1 meter radius
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