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Rain. Rain had been almost constant ever since those people from the stars came. There were only two or three days of sunlight for every week... the rest was rain. Today was no exception.

Men from the Stars, armed with their cruel magical wands that could kill a person in one shot, had been trying to break into this particular town by using a small battalion from a rival village. Any attempts at negotiation had failed, and every day it was up to the guard and whatever traveling mercenaries to repel attacks from desperate soldiers...

One such attack had just been finished. A tall, strong wolf with dark grey fur and black hair clad in black armor stands alongside the town's guard, along with a brown furred female squirrel dressed in a white shirt, brown shorts and brown boots, with messy brown hair and steampunky goggles on her forehead. All of them were bloodied from the battle. The wolf had what looked to be a gigantic slab of metal fashioned into a sword on his back and a metal gauntlet, and the squirrel possessed a standard longsword with a crossbow over her shoulder.

"Aetsia, are you injured?" the wolf asks. The squirrel shakes her head. "I think we should take the fight to them when we've recovered. We know their men are being forced to fight. We should free them." They turn back into the town of Armsdell, to the tavern where they'd plan their next move. The guards would just have to see to it that the bodies of the dead were properly buried and respected.

At the tavern, the best starting place for any adventurer, the wolf has a tall glass of ale, while Aetsia settles for milk. "You did alright out there. Three kills." the wolf tries to make some conversation, but Aetsia just shakes her head and counts out ten... "... yes, I got ten. Don't compare yourself to me. I've done this for years..."
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