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A broken sword....
Not too far beside the two guards, they might catch a glimpse of a nomadic looking warrior in light gear drinking a small mug of water, and dining on a small cut of beef. She was adorned In a coat that covered a set of light traveling gear; Consisting of a small, dark vest vest and sweater just high enough to reach her abdomen, brown slacks, and broad-sword sheath attached to a small strap that looped around her shoulder. Not an unsual set of attire, though her appearance did draw a couple eyes..

Unlike most folk, she seemed to be a mix of certain Canid races in the area.. On one hand she had the physical proportions of the average vulpines, while her hair, and fur seemed more akin to the color and patterns of the Husky's of the northern region. Despite whatever her lineage might've been; It was safe to assume she wasn't local.
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