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The Arctic Fox
What was it that drew so many adventurers with such great potential to this very tavern? Fate? Liquor? The comfortable beds for wandering travelers upstairs?

Speaking of the beds.

Though muffled by doors and a flight of distance, yelling suddenly broke out upstairs, footsteps clambering across the barroom's ceiling. The upstairs door burst open shortly after, and a few people ran through the tavern, shoving their way to and out the front door. Soon the only voices left upstairs were that of an adult male and a young female, yelling back and forth.

The voices only became intelligible just before the two reached the doorway, where the man was gripping a young fennec vixen's upper arm and pulling her along.

"But I put it out!"

"And I'm putting you out." With only a few steps remaining, he threw the girl down, where she stumbled a little before regaining her balance. Still tense with indignation, the man turned and huffed back up the stairs.

Her big ears flattened against her head, the girl pulled her hood on, wrapping her cloak around herself and uttering quiet "'scuse me"'s as she headed for the exit.
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