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Julius Quasar
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May 14 2014, 07:53 PM
The young fox lightly blushed first at the question she heard coming from the bar, and then more so when two others walked up to her. She didn't want to draw any attention. She just wanted to be on her way again. "No, it's fine," she mumbled with a little shake of her head, glancing towards the bar to reassure whomever had first asked, too--though at the sight of her, the fennec had an urge to vanquish her. There were good banshees? Huh. She didn't know that.

But blinking back into focus, she shook her head again. "It's not his fault. I kind of deserved it..."
"...'Deserved it'!? YOU!? Nonsense. I'd like to twist his parts off!" Belladonna said.

She jumped up onto a table, and said "Let's see if we can improve the mood a bit!". She got a large mug of rum, drank it, and proceeded to sing an old pirate shanty:

"I tip me hat to my fearsome crew. Only had a drink, when we could've had a few. We're brothers, we're mates to the end Hey Hey...Farewell to thee , Goodnight to you! We sail the rivers we sail the seas, My boys they're always looking out for me. We're brothers we're mates to the end Hey Hey...Farewell to thee, Goodnight to you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"


"Come on, all! Cheer up! Join in!" crowed Belladonna.

She sang again, attempting to sway the crowd, almost like she was trying to hypnotize them into better spirits...
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