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Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
The top floor window slams open, manicured hands nearly obliterating the pane with upward force. The obnoxious bang is then follwed by childish giggling, tittering that only increases as it's owner steps out onto the roof.

"Are you two, or two thousand, love?" Drummer asks from the patio, watching his wife with amusement and no small amount of annoyance. Standing at 5'4", with dark red hair and eyes, he looks like the last person on the planet to be lecturing anyone about maturity.
But on the roof is someone a little stranger. Clutching a stringed instrument in one hand and her bow in the other, Calliope is too busy giggling to even care about how she looks.

"Tradition's dont have to be carried from planet to planet!" He tries once more, Calliope having the decency to stick her tounge out at him before planting her posterior on the Chimney.

"Last chance to join me, Drum" She says at last, tuning the instrument with carefull twangs and gentle plucks. She shoots a glance but sees that Drummer has simply left the patio, leaving her alone on the roof.

"Philistine" She says.

And in accordance to he own tradition, she begins to fiddle on the roof.
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