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"Joe?" Amanda called as she entered the house through the kitchen door.

"Present," he said as he descended the staircase that led into the Great Room, which was directly next to the kitchen. He came down, freshly showered, wearing a tank top, basketball shorts, and a pair of Nike shower shoes... With socks. Amanda thought that was the dumbest concept to grace modern civilization. Either it was too cold for sandals or to hot for socks. Having the two things together is such a fashion faux pas in her book. But she didn't marry him for his fashion choices.

Still, she looked him from head to toe, zeroing in on his choice in footwear.

"What?" He asked, as if he'd be accused of something.

"Nothing." Amanda said. "Absolutely nothing." Placing her purse on the kitchen island/bar counter, she leafed through a pile of mail. Realizing that it was from yesterday, she asked her husband, "You checked the mail?"

Joe had taken a bottle of of water out of the fridge and guzzled half of it down in like two gulps. Once finished, he cleared his throat and pounded his chest lightly to make himself burp. "Nuh-uh."


"Okay, Amanda said, grabbing her keys out of her purse, "well I'm gonna go check the mail, then..."

While Amanda walked towards the front door, Joe finished up the bottle of water and crushed it before pulling out the drawer to the trash compactor to drop it in. The bottle landed on top of the garbage, which was nearly overflowing... He didn't really feel like taking out the trash, but he figured Amanda would ask him to do it later anyway.

Pulling the bag out of the compactor, he tied it up and carried it out the kitchen door to the curb. Dumping the bag into the bin, he stood there for a moment, scratching his head, his thoughts ranging between nothing in particular and wondering what they were going to do for.

...Was someone playing a violin or something?

Looking up and down the alley, he looked for the source of the faint music, and then he happened to look up. Surely enough, one of their neighbors in the house directly behind his was sitting on their chimney. Playing the instrument in question.

"...What the hell?" He said to himself.

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