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During all the activity, a ship appeared in orbit. It was just over eight kilometers long, with weapons that would shred the CDF forces in orbit if provoked. However, her shields weren't armed and her weapons weren't powered. She took up a standard orbit, and just sat there. Moments later, near a home that Dora and Sally were passing by, a transporter beam energized, depositing three figures on the ground. One was a tall human, with black robes and a helm that hid his face from view, darkness filling the holes where the eyes were supposed to be, and a single curved lightsaber hilt clipped to his belt; the second was a shorter human figure with crimson dragon eyes, armed with an archaic-looking assault rifle with a holographic sight and a 30mm grenade launcher; the final figure was Cerinian in appearance, with a rifle looking akin to the Human G36C rifle and a lightsaber hilt clipped to her belt.

But these figures weren't the only ones to be beamed down; in the driveway, two vehicles appeared; one was a modified and armored M12 Warthog LRV with the back M41 LAAG turret replaced by a twin Kadgeron Disruptor cannon/Kadgeron Micro-torpedo launcher combo turret; the other was a hover-bike of some kind armed with twin Kadgeron Plasma Repeater Cannons and two micro-missile pods. The next thing to be transported down was what appeared to be luggage.

"Holy crap is it hot here," Vokun commented.

"That's because you're dressed in all black and that helmet, Darth F***tard," Viktor chuckled.

"Knock it off, you two," Janie growled. "It's a hell of a lot cooler inside; now let's get our luggage inside."

The three unusual people began getting their luggage inside, seemingly unaware of anyone in the vicinity...
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