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Reaching the cluster mailbox a few houses down from her own, Amanda opened her respective box and pulled out a few bills and a couple magazine subscriptions. She stood in front of the mailbox, leafing through her collection of mail. Then her ears perked up at a strange noise.

Her line of sight happened to scroll upward towards the house she was standing directly across the street from. And like something out of an 80's sci-fi movie, three individuals were beamed into existance on the front lawn of some Neo-Colonial.

They began some kind of verbal exchange, but Amanda had no idea what they were talking about; she was too busy trying to figure out what movie set these guys stepped off of. One looked like an extra from some Halo flick, another one wearing some robe looking like Return of the Jedi or something--in this heat no less. The third one, Amanda couldn't pin point.

In her wide-eyed stupor, Amanda had dropped her collection of mail as the three individuals entered the structure.

Deciding to go into denial and saying that she saw nothing out of the ordinary, she picked up her mail and went back down the street to her home, never to comment on the subject ever again.
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