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A new family arrived in a large moving truck. "Moe's Movers" was pasted on the side of the trailer, and two men exited from the cab. They opened the back doors and started to move stuff in. A couch, desks, tables, chairs, some small statuettes of dinosaurs, and dinosaur bone replicas.

Before long, a small 4 door sedan pulled up into the driveway. After a few seconds, out stepped a middle aged man and his teenage daughter. The father, a grey furred lynx, had a backpack and laptop bag, and was dressed in a nice black collared shirt, whereas his daughter, a golden-brown furred lynx, was dressed in a tank top and shorts, carrying just a laptop bag.
"So this is the place?" She asked him, unenthused.
"Yep, it's a nice neighborhood. I'm sure you'll meet some new friends here."
"What was wrong with our old home, again?" The girl asked.
"Jade, I'm sorry, but you knew as well as I did that we would have to move sooner or later, this place is much closer to where my job put me. I'm sorry, but please, can you just try to make the best of it?"
She let out a soft sigh, "Alright, Dad." She answered. Being the daughter of an archaeologist was a tough gig, constantly moving around. She had left all her friends six hours away, across county lines.

As they headed into the house, the movers were just finishing. The adult lynx paid them as they left, and they settled into their new life. At least until his office job was done.
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