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The world will literally stop if they don't figure out what they will do for dinner this evening. Or they could order Chinese. Or a pizza. Or eat out... No, they ate out a couple days ago, and they are all pizzaed and Chinesed out.

What to do...?

See how hard the first world has it? While civilizations are starving and while wars are going on worlds away, they can't get their crap together and figure out if they're going to do Italian Fusion or Southwestern this evening. Isn't it shameful?

"I'm going to the grocery store," Amanda said as she grabbed her purse and keys. The fridge and cabinets were looking a little bare. Time to stock up.

"I'll go too," Joe said, hopping off the couch and following her to the back door.

Joe decided to drive. Climbing into the family SUV, he spun the key and brought the Volvo to life. While the garage door rose, he fumbled with the seat belt and put it on before pulling the gear lever into reverse and backing out of the garage and driveway. Putting it in gear, he pulled down the alley.

"--Hey, there was this weird lady on her chimney playing a violin or something," Joe said, craning his head to look in the mirrors and glancing out the side and back windows to see if he could catch a glimpse of her. The garage apartment of the weird lady's next door neighbor was blocking the view, so he couldn't see if she was still there.

"Wait, huh??" Amanda looked at him, confusion raising an eyebrow. What he said sounded like something straight out of a cartoon.

"Yeah!" Joe said, reaching a the stop sign at the end of the alley before they were spit out on the street."She was just sitting up there, violin-ing away like no one's business."

"...Huh. Is that right?" Well, if he thinks that was weird, then he should have seen aliens beam their new neighbors down in their front yard. "You know, while I was checking the mail, I--..."

"You what?"

"Uh, nevermind."

Joe, reached another stop sign. He flicked on the left turn signal and checked traffic before merging onto the boulevard that stretched through the entire neighborhood and bordered half of Lake Lierty. It would be about a mile before they reached the Village Center...

(OOC: I think a little visual aid is in order. Check out this video tour of Baldwin Park in Orlando, Florida. It's the neighborhood on which Liberty Park in Corneria City is based.)
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