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"Oh, you have to be KIDDING me!" Janie grumbled. An obscured accident just up the road had traffic backed up for miles. She looked around, and spotted an exit that lead to a service road. Thinking it better than waiting for idiot rubberneckers to clear up, Janie hit the accelerator and moved for the exit. The LRV bounced once as it hit a small road bump, and Janie got onto the service road. As she got further along the service road, the reason for the backed-up traffic was plain to see; a truck had flipped over on it's side in the median, and the repair crews were trying to get it upright.

"Janie to Viktor - anything in the news about a truck accident?" Janie asked over a coded comm channel.

"I was just about to contact you about that," Viktor responded. "According to the driver, a bunch of thugs with... hang on... some form of automatic weapon shot his tires out."

"Any ID on them?" Janie queried.

"No, but the truck driver did get an ID on the car - a black Chevy SUV with red stripes," Viktor replied. At the time that Viktor was describing the assailants' vehicle, Janie had looked at her rear-view mirror and saw that same SUV following her.

"Understood," Janie said. "I'll maintain alert status. Janie out." She kept driving off into the city, keeping an eye on the assailants following her. "Come and get it, you bastards... come and get it," she muttered. She hit the console computer and brought the rear turret up on standby, just in cast this got hot.
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