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Ashlin couldnt really see anything wrong with the house or its occupants. The guy with the boxes had not emerged from the house yet, which wasnt really a big deal, and she really couldnt see inside the windows. After sittng there a few minutes she was about to give up when something on the roof caught her eye. It was a shimmer, like a reflection of light. Focusing the binoculars on it now, the fox watched as it weavered and rippled twice, followed by two soft and barely audible pops. The sound that she knew all to well as a silenced sniper. And sure enough, a figure appeared from the shimmer and got up, waved at her, turned into a dragon, and flew off.

Trying to comprehend what she just saw, Ashlin continued to stare out the window. Suddenly a woman ran into the street and kicked down the house door, sprinting inside.

That was enough for her.

The vixen grabbed her rifle from the bed and perched it on the window seal. She opened the bi pod to give it support and waited for anything to cross the line of the property. "What kinda messed up neiborhood is this?" She mumbled to herself.
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