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Kiersey drove the SUV down the street, none the wiser to the drama that was unfolding. She did notice someone run across the street and dart between some houses to the back alley. "The hell is that all about?" she wondered.

In any case, she pulled into the entrance of the alley and into the garage, leaving the door up. Hopping out of the car, she carried out her task of unloading the groceries.

* * *

"The car just flipped over into the yard. It was crazy..." Amanda finished explaining to the police woman as she wrote Amanda's account down.

By this time, the Range Rover was being righted by the repair crews, while the Hyundai was being lifted onto a tow truck to be carted away. The fire crew was wrapping it up, the ambulance had already left, and the someone, most likely the Hyundai driver's father or something, came and picked up her and her child.

"...Okay, so, where do you live?" The officer asked.

"Just right down the street," Amanda answered. "1227 Cherry Grover Court."

"Alright..." The officer wrote that down. "So, now you might get a call if we need anymore information about the accident. Thanks for your time."

"No problem. Any time."

With that, it was all said and done. Joe and Amanda began their short walk down the street to their home.

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