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Jack Mccloud
CDF Sergeant Major
The house is locked down as best as Calliope can force Drummer to make it, the windows are clothed over and the door is double barricaded and locked down tight.

"Cally" Drummer says, grabbing the hysterical woman with both hands and holding her firm. "What the hell just happened? I heard the bullets being fired, but its not like we haven't been through that before."

Calliope takes a few deep calming breaths. "En Dragon!" She says finally, shooting a glance towards the basement window. "There was a firebreathing LIZARD on top of the neighbor's house."

Drummer cannot help but doubt Calliope. Dragons and rooftop snipers, it was all fantastical and too wacky to be real. But Cally had rarely lost her cool this hard in such a long time...

Drummer went with the option that included trusting his wife.
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