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By the time Vokun and Janie had gotten back from looking for Viktor, Viktor was already home, having snuck through the door while the vixen sniper was laughing her @$$ off.

"I swear, we can't take a single vacation without Viktor going into Vigilante mode!" Janie grumbled.

"It was your idea to bring him along," Vokun said.

"Given the circumstances, maybe not one of my better ideas," Janie admitted. When they opened the door, they saw Viktor, sitting on the couch watching TV. "Viktor, where the devil have you been?!" Janie demanded. "And don't tell me you were 'hunting'!"

"Okay, I won't tell you that," Viktor chuckled.

"Dammit, Viktor! This isn't Nar Shaddaa, where you can snipe criminals in the street!" Janie exclaimed. "There are laws here!"
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