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Joe threw on a simple brown thermal Henley, a pair of dark wash slim-fit jeans. He wasn't in the mood to dress himself to the nines at this time, considering he only had a few minutes to spare, though he did thrown on a waistcoat over the shirt and put on those black Steve Madden boots that Amanda got him for his birthday. He put on his gun holster and badge, donned a pair of aviators, and gave himself a once-over in the full length mirror that hung on the closet door in the master bath.

Not too dressed up, not too dressed down.

Leaving the bedroom, he descended the stairs and went into the kitchen to see Amanda cutting herself a slice of carrot cake. Amanda glanced at Joe, then double takes, looking him from head to toe at his attire. "Ooh, who you getting all dressed up for?" Amanda said jokingly.

"I learn from the best, babe," Joe responded as he goes into the fridge to get a bottle of water. Staying hydrated was something he learned in the military. Capping the water bottle, he turned to his wife to give her a good-bye kiss. "I dunno how long I'll be out, but I'll see you when I get back."

"Okay. Love you." As Joe was halfway out the back door, Amanda perked up: "--Oh! Um, aren't you gonna eat anything before going?"

"Nah, I'll get at the chicken when I get back. I'll see you later."

"Stay safe."

Joseph went to the garage and hopped into is black Dodge Charger and backed out into the alley. He made sure the garage door was completely closed before putting the car in 'drive' and pulling down the narrow one-lane road. Getting onto the street, he began his short trip to the crime scene which was not too far from where he lived. It was less than a mile away. He turned onto Bayberry Drive, one of the streets that lead out of the neighborhood. He already could see the scene across Highland Avenue, on the edge of an adjacent older neighborhood, a scene of police cars and crime scene tape closing off half of the avenue. Reaching the stop sign, Joe checked traffic before crossing the avenue and parked on the neighborhood street just across from Liberty Park.

Climbing out of his car, he was greeted by his partner Violetta. "Glad you made it." She got right down to business as they walked to the crime scene. "According to the key witness, he was being harassed by two young men before their heads basically exploded in front of him. He didn't know what to make of it at first. He thought it was a joke."

"Where are the bodies?" Joe asked as he came upon the scene.

"Nowhere to be found. Perhaps the perp got rid of them somehow? But he did a shit job of covering his tracks."

"Hmm..." Slipping past the crime scene tape, Joe kneeled down and studied the direction of the blood spatter all over the sidewalk and the retaining wall of Liberty Park's older neighboring vicinity. There were two bullet holes lodged in the brick masonry. He looked across the street towards Corneria City's award-winning premier neighborhood. Looking back at the bullet holes in the wall, Joe asked, "We don't know what kind of bullets or weapon was used yet, do we?"

"Well, we don't know the calibre of the bullets yet, but the slugs were pretty big... I'm thinking it was some kind of high-powered rifle. Correct me if I'm wrong, but... just from the visual evidence alone, it looks like we have--"

"...A sniper?" Joe finished Violetta's sentence.

Joe's partner nodded.

"Were there any other witnesses?"

"Aside from the older gentleman who saw the men get shot, there was a woman who was walking her dog and saw the bodies. She immediately ran home to call the police... And when we got here, the bodies were missing, and all there was left was the crime scene."

"Okay..." He had an idea. Standing up, he slipped under the crime scene tape and started walking across Highland Avenue towards Liberty Park. He trekked down the neighborhood street, looking upward at the tops of the street lanterns and utility poles. Reaching the far end of the street, he found what he was looking for at the intersection. Midway to the top of a utility pole was mounted one of Liberty Parks neighborhood surveillance cameras. He looked behind him, checking to see if there were any trees or anything that would obstruct the it's view down the street.

He would soon be checking Liberty Park's neighborhood security office for some surveillance footage.

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