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Fox gritted his teeth a bit, but while keeping his blaster raised, he took off his communicator and placed it, along with the small tablet, onto the table at the foot of the generals bed. "Alright Wolf, now what?"

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Marcus turned to Miyu and was about to say something, but then decided to hold his tongue. He pressed into the communicator, "Marcus Mitchell here, who is this?"

The old hare chuckled, "Peppy Hare here, what is going on? Why the Morse Code?" he asked, a bit confused.

Marcus sighed, "We have a foothold situation, Gener......." he stopped himself very quick, he had to stay focused on the facts, "Mr. Hare."

It was then Dr. Orberus walked by, "One of the nurses overheard you needed this..." he handed Marcus what he asked earlier and quickly walked off.

"Odd....." Marcus said aloud, as he instructed all personnel to vacate the area.

He quickly began getting to work on it. After a few moments the only image to appear on the screen was 'snow'. "Seems Wolf anticipated people looking in...." he began to work again.

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Leon made sure he was cloaked. Before Ryker and Angel landed, he responded to Panther, "Ooooh....But at least I am distracting them and keeping them from the base...hehehehehe.....and if they die....well...we shall what happens.."

He climbed a leafless tree, watching as the two landed.

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Rasper however was not amused, smashing the mp3 player in his hand.

He let go of the chimp and just eyed him, "Seems without the Kesh'Na'Thir, you are a lot braver then I remember." he smirked.
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