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The Cool Blue Avian. When a bird's this smooth, he's bound to get the girls.

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Corneria- CDF Headquarters -Infirmary

Wolf instantly shot it with his secondary blaster, the tablet and communicator blowing to bits. General Pepper jumped and looked up in surprise. O' Donnel ignored him.

"Now we go for a walk. Discuss things. Like men." Wolf seemed to smirk. "I'm sure there a few things you want to ask me anyway." The wolf headed toward the door.

"...Star...Wolf..?" General Pepper croaked. He held out a paw shakily, trying to reach at the lupine.

Miyu rolled her eyes when the female fox nervously shuffled back to her original spot.

This is exactly why you don't bring a green, she thought to herself. She decided for now it was probably best to leave her alone and not give her any orders. The feline had half a mind to tell her to leave and get away from the area as far as possible.But she'd probably panic in that too. Trip over something. It was no telling with her.

Miyu cocked another eyebrow as Dr. Orberus walked by and handed Marcus a tablet. One of the nurses overheard you needed this..." he had stated.

"Odd..." Marcus had remarked. The female cat shifted uncomfortably. She was starting to get a read on what was going on here.

"Why? You undercover agents usually don't use medical staff?" she asked him sarcastically.

"What are you doing?" a familiar voice said aloud. Miyu's ears flattened and she turned around.

"Fay!!" she hissed. "What are you doing here girl?!"

The poodle looked down at her glove to re-read the earlier text and then looked up again calmly. "You sent me a message? You asked me to meet you here?" She responded a bit of a confused look.

"Oh." Miyu calmed, realizing she had done that very thing before everything had erupted. "That's right..."

A brief second later, Wolf exited the room. He observed everyone in the hallway with a bit of surprise but he nevertheless stayed composed. Miyu reacted the opposite way however. Jumping to her feet she aimed her blaster in the mercenary's direction and squinted. She only hoped Marcus had done the same. They were power in numbers.

Can't say he's under arrest...I don't know what he's done yet, she fumbled for declaration in her mind.

"You're on CDF property!" she decided to announce. "Drop the weapon!"

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Corneria- CDF Headquarters - Transmission Room One

The two ruffians leaping towards Todd and Lola were quickly dispatched, both of the foxes having unleashed fire on them at close blank range and swiftly killing them. However there were more than a few left. And as Krystal laid fire into the room from behind her covering, Slippy was becoming all too well of the situation...

"Slippy! Call for backup!!" Krystal shouted once more, her nimble frame twisting across the open air of the doorway to enhance her chances of missing blaster fire.

"...Yahhhhhhhh!" Slippy yelled jumping out from behind his covering and firing wildly, determined to rid the room of his enemies. Most with pelted and riddled with energy shots, falling to the ground. But one chaotically flew towards the door's entrance. It grazed Krystal on the head.

"Uhhh!" she yelled. She fell to ground unconscious, her life status undetermined.

"Ohmigosh!" Slippy squealed and put a webbed hand to his mouth. "Krystal!!!"

There were only three ruffians now. But they were a bit stunned at the current events and had hesitated enough for any nearby fighters to take advantage of the situation.

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Corneria- Forest Grounds /Corneria-Cornerian Division Academy Building- Office

Ryker jumped out of his chair before it hit the ground and he un-holstered his weapon swinging it around cautiously. He had been through here hundreds of times to traverse between the Academy and CDF headquarters. But this time was different. This time felt unsecured. He had the feeling he wasn't alone in this forest.

Angel was in a nearby tree right above the German Shepherd with the same feeling. However she had more of a premonition who was behind their near-death experience.

The stalker from the cafe. Something had told her earlier that he wouldn't leave them alone so easily. And it looked like she had been right. Now the only question was had he simply planted a bomb to go off on timer when they had taken off? Or had he done it seconds before he plummeted of the ship and below to safety?

Angel began to slip through the branches of the trees, her paws carrying her silently. Her eyes began to look for whatever distortion she could find, any unusual or abnormal patterns to register. Right now it was safer to assume the latter. If he was here...she would find him.

As the artic vixen took off, Ryker below began to tread the area carefully. He had believed he saw something more down here before he landed, and he was quite sure it wasn't Angel.

"I'm alerting security personnel to meet you in the forest. Code Five," Emily told the chief as she tapped on the holographic wall. "I'll be tapping them into this channel in approximately six minutes and link you all up."

"Perfect. I owe you again." Ryker looked sharply to his left and continued.

Emily eyes widened as she came across the blurb of General Pepper's being in the infirmary. "And...Ryker? After you've taken care of what you have to...contact me again. I have something to tell you."

"Affirmative." Ryker nodded he walked deeper into the forest, trailing after another area that he thought moved...

Panther quietly walked up to one of the transport and was beginning to enter when he witnessed the entire power shut off before him with a low hum. The giant cat eyes to the left of him and inspected the area.

"Transport you've been compromised," he alerted the ruffians inside in his com. "Carry out the next phase now!"

With little warning a ruffian approached Bill and pulled a needle from his arm. The contents inside it was purplish and silver and it glowed a bit as you could see it moving and the colors intertwining with each other. As two other Sargasso Cronies held the dog, he would find the needle going into his shoulder-a painful process that would make him scream or grunt. After the vial of eerie properties were emptied into his body, the ruffian would pull out.

Bill would feel very very sick.

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Corneria-Cornerian Division Academy- Empty Room

Jake smiled and reached up to pat Rasper on the head like a little child.

"Well...you were uglier when with them. But now you're fine! A sparkling product of society! A role model! An inspiration to us-"

Jake stopped and sniffed a little bit. Then he looked to the side.

"...I'm hungry. You hungry? I'm starving..." the simian began to march out of the room. "I hope they have cheeseburgers..."

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