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Julius Quasar
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[offtopic]Good to see you again Falcory![/offtopic]

Corneria- CDF Headquarters - Transmission Room One

The two ruffians leaping towards Todd and Lola were quickly dispatched, both of the foxes having unleashed fire on them at close blank range and swiftly killing them. However there were more than a few left. And as Krystal laid fire into the room from behind her covering, Slippy was becoming all too well of the situation...

"Slippy! Call for backup!!" Krystal shouted once more, her nimble frame twisting across the open air of the doorway to enhance her chances of missing blaster fire.

"...Yahhhhhhhh!" Slippy yelled jumping out from behind his covering and firing wildly, determined to rid the room of his enemies. Most with pelted and riddled with energy shots, falling to the ground. But one chaotically flew towards the door's entrance. It grazed Krystal on the head.

"Uhhh!" she yelled. She fell to ground unconscious, her life status undetermined.

"Ohmigosh!" Slippy squealed and put a webbed hand to his mouth. "Krystal!!!"

There were only three ruffians now. But they were a bit stunned at the current events and had hesitated enough for any nearby fighters to take advantage of the situation.

"Slippy you moron!" Todd shouted.

"We'll chew him out later. Todd, Get Krystal in here to safety! I'll cover you!" said Lola. Todd handed Lola his rifle and dragged Krystal to safety, as Lola provided covering fire against the three remaining Ruffians. She then followed Todd and Krystal into the safety of the classroom.

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