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Fox didn't bat an eye when Wolf destroyed his gadgets. "Oh yeah.....I would like nothing more..." he snarled. He heard the general waking up, "Everything is going to be ok General......trust me.." he stated.

Marcus was about to say something to Miyu about the whole undercover thing when Fay appeared. "hmph....don't say anything else about her being here then..." he whispered to Miyu, thumbing towards Avaika.

When the door had opened to the General's room Marcus jumped back, pulling Avaika behind him, then standing next to Miyu. Upon hearing what she declared to Wolf, it took every ounce of willpower to not ducktape her mouth. "Wolf! You are under arrest for trespassing on CDF Academy, and on many accounts of Terrorism...And for..."

"CADETS, STAND DOWN!" came roaring voice of Fox coming out of the room after Wolf. "That's an Order." he didn't take his eyes off Wolf for a second, "Wolf......they have no part in this.....let's just keep moving..." he stated, keeping his blaster raised.

Marcus' left eye began to twitch a bit, this was his first time even around Fox, but he sensed strongly what he was feeling. After a few moments.......he lowered his weapon, "Y-yes...sir..." he stated, placing a hand on Miyu's blaster to make sure she did the same.

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As if from nowhere, but all around, Ryker and Angel would begin hearing something...

"Naughty little fly...
Why does it cry....?
Caught in a web.....

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" came the maniacal laughter of Leon from almost every direction. The Chameleon kept moving, making sure to stay behind either of the two he was following, jumping back and forth between them at every turn......like the spider....he was toying with the flies.

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Without much warning, or thought actually, Rasper grabbed the chimp, swung him around, and backhanded him hard enough to knock him to the floor.
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