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Julius Quasar
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Jun 8 2014, 12:34 AM
[OOC]Thanks Julius! Life hasn't been all that great to me lately so I've been less frequent. Sorry[/OOC]


Corneria- CDF Headquarters - Transmission Room One

Lola cover fire proved very useful. She caught one of the ruffians dead between the shoulder blades and his neck, making him rocket to floor lifeless. Another shot she targeted when into the pelvic area of the next ruffian. While not dead like his comrade he was wishing he was-he clutched his lower front and dropped to his knees a muffled groan echoing from his lips from the pain.

The last Sargasso Crony fired back getting low to the ground. Hiding behind one of his team's dead body he waited for a lull.

In the classroom, Slippy shook his head in panic examining Krystal's limp frame that Todd had brought in.

"I-I-I didn't-!" he stuttered. "I didn't mean too-!" he began again. "Krystal! Oh gosh! Krystal!!!"

The vixen would however not hear him. As Todd would lean down to check her situation, he would get a pulse and a heartbeat but it would be very faint.

In the deep recesses of Krystal's mind...

Krystal would wake up alone. Nothing but dark would be around her. Everything completely silent. Everything completely still. She blinks. She wonders where she is and how she got here. The last thing she remembers is...nothing.

Suddenly a figure becomes visible to her in the distance. She starts to walk towards it. There's something about the figure that's familiar to her...but also something ominous. Nevertheless the feeling of being alone overpowers her good judgement and she moves forward, desperate to at least see another soul.

"H-Hello-?" she calls out. But the figure is not moving. It stays eerily still.

"Hello??" she calls out a bit louder. She walks a little slower towards the body. "Do you know where I am? Or what's going on? Hello...?"

[OOC]I hear ya' buddy! We're STILL remodeling at my house![/OOC]

Todd grabbed the first aid kit off of the wall and administered medical attention to Krystal, carefully. Lola took cover, knowing there was one more Sargasso Crony out there. She held Todd's rifle at the ready...
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